Sunday, October 31, 2010

It's all gone Pete Tong...

Okay so this week  has been pretty jam packed!! lets start for after I wrote the blog.. so got back to the house and was in a good mood, so me and Mairi decided to plug ourselves into the ipods and have them really loud so we couldn’t have anything, we decided to put some milk on to boil and Mairi started washing up. Tubs here was hungry so I went and got the coconut and attempted to open it hahah I smashed it against the wall and chipped it :S so we were laughing at this at this point the milk over boiled has gone everywhere, we were a we decided to go downstairs and ask them to open it for us..she looked at as and took it and smashed it on the floor, simple if you think about it really !! So that was /Saturday evening..can you see how the weeks turning out?

Monday, we had our first orientation lesson of cultural dos and don’ts nothing we didn’t really already know like girls and girls can hold hands and boys and boys walk down the road holding hands. Then the dreaded language I really struggled with it, it felt like I was back at school and as most of you know I hated. Each day we have a lesson for 3hours, but we do have breaks which are like 15mins long so it’s not that bad. Our language teacher Basu is soo lovely he is of the highest cast in the Hindu religion he is a Brahmin. But he is completely normal!! We normal like me! /no but he is soo funny, we were learning the Nepali word for Teacher which is guru, however the word for ox, as in the animal ox is ghuru. Ha guess who called our teacher an ox :/ that was an awkward moment. For dinner we then had dhal bhat, it was actually alright will make it all for you when I am back! And in true Nepail style we ate with our fingers. Boom that’s was fun J

Tuesday was a fun day J Me and Mairi went down to the shop and bought pretty much the whole shop so we went back and the main thing we went for was rice, oh yes we left that in the shop, so had to go back downstairs past the family who asked us what we were doing now and trying to explain in nepali/English embarrassing being the only word haha. So that takes us to language, where this time I asked if the woman next door to us in the other room was his wife (did I mention that’s a no no to ask about wives etc) bad times ahah, but luckily he laughed about it! However I was still and still am struggling with the language and ended up in tears..awkward springs to mind!

Wednesdayyyy okay so I was feeling rough horrible cold etc, but we had an orientation lesson on food!! So we got there for 9 30 and waited for 30mins and then realsied it had been changed to 11 30. special. So I went back to bed and the girls went at 11 30 and I joined them for lunch. After the girls have prayed for me the language lesson went soo good, it was very very funny. Basu then told us that he was dance teacher ahah a hip hop and nepail dance teacher. AMAZING. Baring in mind he is a Brahmin! We got talking and got onto the subject of music which at this point he pulled out his phone and played…wait for it… JUSTIN BEIBER, BABY I know how amazing and there I was along way from England in a country that is not well developed to be listening to Justin Beiber on a Brahmins phone!! Good times, so we came home and played a game, well Sarah’s game. We had to agree to play the game before knowing what it is so we did. The game was you can’t talk till the last person has spoken basically shut up and sit down haha. These must have bee the funniest times of my life, honestly so much happened. Sarah sprayed mozi stuff in esthers eyes, sarah gave  esther a drink and it was pure lemon squash, Mairi went to the fridge and managed to smash the glass on the top. Bearing in mind this is all still in silence, then sarah comes along and shows us her magic egg trick where she puts an egg in her hand a tries to break it but it doesn’t coos its impossible, well this one broke ahha. And for once I did nothing I was completely normal! We then found a pen a padlock and a key in the freezer. No idea.

Thursday haha around breakfast time the song with you by Mariah Carey came on and we started singing at the top of our lungs, it started with the boy next door watching us then his mother then his sisters, then along comes the painter watching us!!  We get some look, but we are the sunshine in their lives!! Language came and Basu busted out his Nepali dance moves ahha so we joined in oh mate soo much fun. We went to house group that night with all the missionaries and it was just so amazing, I feel so at home here it’s amazing such a Christian feel to it!!

So Friday nothing much really happened. After language, came home and I taught myself guitar I was sooo good I plugged myself into my ipod and strummed along and sang, sarah and Mairi didn’t think that I could play that well but I couldn’t here myself so its all gravy baby. That evening we went to elly and richs to make pizzas hahaha,  hello flour fight everywharrrrr. I have also fallen in love with these things called momos, the nepali have them savoury, the foreigners have them with chocolate mhmhhmm they are amazing I will cook them for you!!  LOL then this is the funniest bit we came home to discover that esther and Mairi have bed bugs!! LOL I know it’s not funny but on SATURDAY we had to boil all their clothes. Funtimes, again myself and Mairi went and did the essential shop which was fun. Made some nepali friends etc. also Saturday sarah and I got up at 6 00am to go for a run, it was amazing running next to the mountains, now that’s one way to get tubs to run!! We had church which wasn’t too long 2hours long which was good J in the evening we had granny anne, crazy aunt chrissy and the lovely sue they all came round for dinner and we did our nails, a real girly night and was lovely.

And on to today..brace yourselves…. i.went.on.a….TREK. yes yes me. It was the longest thing of my life, my legs hurt and everything but I have to admit the views were amazing and we went to the peace pagoda which is a Buddhist temple built by a china man many years ago J Coming down was the funniest thing it was me and Rich at the back cos I was flapping about being slow ahah I was going down backwards to make it easier, whilst the others were way ahead I then slipped and fell on my butt and slid down. But not on a hill or a bit of rock, flat ground…special I know. Honestly they called it a hill it was a MOUNTAIN it was massive. When we got to the top we felt like celbs. Everyone was taking pictures of us and asking to have pictures with us, I know its cos we are all so beautiful!! Haha but tom (another missionary) started talking to them in nepail saying that they needed to pay for the pictures hahah, was pretty jokes. Got in a boat back to lakeside, then went and did our weekly shop which was fun, meet some street children who were fighting and begging for money which wasn’t to nice also they were high on glue. Sooo back here writing to all yous again!

Soo again any prayer requests email me!!
Having amazing time so don’t worry about me and my butt we are fine J
Our prayer points would be
Culture shock to set in (if and when it does)
And yeahh that’s its really

Love to you all

Po box 28

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  1. Hello shorty! It's so lovely to hear from you! I hope your bum is feeling ok today - don't worry, I'd've fallen on the flat bit of ground as well...! If you want to pray for us, it'd be for Alastair's exams today and tomorrow (Monday and Tuesday) and I have a work assessment on Wednesday!

    Sounds like you're just having an AMAZING time, I hope you're taking loooooaaaads of photos. I will pray for you with your language lessons, I'm sure you'll pick them up soon - and you probably won't get guru and ghuru mixed up again now!!! With all your enthusiasm and friendliness I'm sure you guys are already having an amazing impact on your neighbours - dancing included!

    With lots of love and prayers
    (I'm sure Alastair sends love and prayers too, but he's about to take an exam so he's not here right now! xXx)