Sunday, November 14, 2010

2kg chocolate, fried flies and dead bodies

Right so flash update, over the last two week..

eaten a 2kg bar of chocolate, been to Pilates, made momos, zumba class, morning run, eaten chocolate, Hindu & Buddhist temple, orphanage, home made chili pasta, make up by nepali family downstairs, people amazed at how tall I am, people coming to see how tall I am, people taking pictures, hand washed our undies, made a pretty washing line in our front room, power cuts, back up fail, candles, forks, marshmallows, Oreos, digestive, chocolate, morning breakfast with downstairs, unfiltered water, lords prayer in nepali, steak, festival, dead person, 100th birthday, 58th anniversary, made moms, finished 2kg bar of chocolate, English church, bbq, fat and fully fed, caught by downstairs on the way back and they fed us another meal, with extra protein (flies), defo fat and fully fed now, mountain trek, singing in the taxi, amazing views, jumping photos, nepali breakfast, uno, binge eat, choco spread fight, school, made fruit, painted, made banoffe pie, painted fruit bowls, hot oven carrying, hair caught in oven, conference planning, lakeside, dinner with granny Anne, choco chip ice cream, made grapes, man in our bathroom, pot luck supper, Barry cockroach, dead via spray and boiling water, parachute games, cheap DVDs, fruit and veg, shopping, mistaking a boy for a girl, sweet and sour, romantic dinner, power cuts and candles, church, lunch prawn crackers, game beans, photos, DVD, colouring, ice cream, hot chocolate, 6am walk to get milk, lay in bed, Gilmore girls, painting, hot rolls, new 2kg bar of chocolate, internet.

So yeahh yeah it’s been a pretty jam packed few weeks, still loving it apart from having a small break down at the fact of missing home and family etc, but im all good I’m always fine J also one of my life long ambitions has been fulfilled..I saw a dead body. I know it sounds disgusting but it was soo interesting!! Also got to take part in a bit of history in one of the churches, it was a womans 100th birthday and she was one of the first Christians in Nepal. Was so touching. The DVDs here are so cheap as well so much fun.

Its really good actually, when we go down to the market they are starting to know who we are so we are getting the fruit and veg for normal price instead of really expensive, we have made friend with downstairs now and are really at ease with them, inviting us for dinner etc which is really nice. But it is actually starting to feel like home, it’s crazy though next week we will have been here a month already!! Ahh crazy lol. Next week we are planning and making all our bits and bobs for conference the week after which is going to be fun lots of sticking and gluing J simple stuff. Won’t be on the internet at all in the next two weeks cos after this week we are going to Kathmandu for conference apparently the food is amazing and its like a 5star hotel that we are going to be staying in mean hot water and maybe even a bath HELLO excitement.

Anyway have a feeling the internets going to stop in a minute
So I will talk to you again in a couple of weeks and let you know how the conference is going.
Also yes guys, I am looking after my self and eating LOTS of veg and spesh fruit its soo good out here.
Slaters guys
Love to you all

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