Sunday, January 16, 2011

HAPPY 2068

Okay so I promise that this blog isn’t going to be as long as the other one!!
So the last two weeks have been pretty crazy! We had our school play at Nepali school and it was very good I am so proud of them!! They did amazingly. We have twins in the school and one of them was doing a dance which ment getting dressed into traditional Nepali outfit which takes a good time, once she was dressed she turns around and says oh yeah I’m the wrong twin it’s the other one that is doing the dance...haha but hey ho it made the audience laugh!! We have also taught them father Abraham and they LOVE it so we did it with them on stage at the end which was really lovely!
So that now leads us to our holidays and mate have we been truly blessed with it so this is what happened:
Christmas eve we did a whole load of baking and were getting ready for Christmas etc which was nice and in the evening we had the candle light service which was really lovely everyone singing and really getting in the Christmas mood! After we went onto Elly & Richs where we had supper and lots of people went back to theirs it was lovely really felt like Christmas! So as excited as we were, we went home and got and early night so father Christmas can come and visit us!!
Christmas day we woke up and opened al our home gifts that family and friends had sent out to us and it really was lovely really did feel like Christmas! We then went to Ely and Rich's to spend Christmas morning with them, we had the most amazing breakfast pancakes, bacon and maple syrup! Was sooo good we then all opened our Christmas stockings which may I add Ely had made for us and she did amazingly!! So that was fun and we did our secret Santa’s etc, we than went to church which was nice was outside and very hot which is a tad strange cos it’s not really Christmas when it’s hot!! So we left that and went back to E&R we then chilled and played with our presents etc then went over to the Stuarts house for Christmas dinner!! WOW was it good, proper Christmas dinner stuffing and everything it was soo good really did feel like home with lots of people all of us fat and fully fed then we just chilled for the rest of the evening.
Boxing day we went round the Stuarts where all the women were in their saris and we’re all getting ready, I straightened my hair which was a special treat and was exciting!! Sad I know but it’s the little things, then we went down to lakeside where all the missionary in Pokhara came together and we had lunch together was really nice there must have been about 30 0f us!! Unfortunately mairi was ill and couldn’t make it virus thing that’s going around. Again a gorgeous day we got back home and ate chocolate!!
Now new years was amazing I can’t explain how cool it was, we went away to Chitwan safari park and we got to see the most amazing things EVERRRR. Day one we went to the elephant sanctuary which was fun, there was a special elephant that just stood there nodding I have a video haha. But it was pretty cool to see the elephants! New years eve, we had a canoe ride in a croc infested river and saw a croc which was so cool, its bulging eye and everything!! We then went on a jungle walk and saw a wild cockerel oh my gosh it was massive about the size of a house I’m telling you it was scary hah I joke didn’t really see anything exciting on the the afternoon we went on a jeep ride where we saw deer, birds, crocodiles, deer, birds, deer and more birds!!!! In the evening we sat round the camp fife and had bbq chicken and chips it was buff stuff just like being at nandos!! Hot sauce and everything!! Okay so we didn’t manage to stay up for new years but I entered the new year way before all you English people did so blah!! Now this bit you can’t say that you have done, so new years day well just your average Joe really. Started off with seeing some rhinos just outside the hotel across the river bed, about 5meters away. We then went on a walk through a traditional village, mud huts and all that. Makes you laugh though, you’re going through this village and slap bang on the side of one of these houses is a massive satellite dish!! Yet they can’t afford to send their children to school. The western influence here is big and nasty!! Anyway we went to a museum with baby foetus’s so like all the rhinos babies and tigers snakes etc was pretty interesting actually. So you know got back and we just have to hop onto an elephant and go for a stroll in the jungle with it singing in the jungle at the top of our lungs and getting told to shhst. We popped along to say hello to the peacocks and dears, went to see Mr. crocodile, but he was sleeping on the river bank so we didn’t want to go too near and make him grumpy!! So we strolled through the river and off we popped to then be whisked away to sleep in the jungle for the first night of the New Year. Ha it was so much fun, we saw a massive ginger cat which was apparently like a small leopard or something not too sure...we played the game beans and had lots of fun we then sleep put on the platform bit like under the stars which was fun although me and lee are a little too lanky. His feet were over the edge of the platform and my head was in a door way...well my feet weren’t going to be mawled by tigers!! Anyway we woke up and went back to the hotel shopped and bought some goodies then started out journey home.
Now the next four days you will never ever ever hear me say this again, I can’t actually believe that this happened...okay so brace yourselves...the next four day i spent...trekking woah yes 4 whole days walking, as in not round a shopping centre, but up a hill. And back down it. KILL ME. Well it wasn’t too bad...ha i lied the first two days were horrible all up steps millions and millions of steps, hundreds thousands bazillions!! It was hot and I was close to tears many a times...however there were dare i say it funtimes. We met some people who were funny a man who just stripped off and a woman wearing stupid amounts of make up so that made it a little fun. To get myself up the last bit of steps I found Liam, I love him but sadly when we got to lunch it was over between us. Ha I saw this massive lemon drop straight from a tree so I picked it up and like the last 500 steps carried him all the way to the top! It helped me a bit haha. Poor /rich was stuck with me I was well behind everyone else and moaning to the high hills and back. But he did stick with me thank you daddyyyy  so we are at the top of Poon Hill now and we are staying at a hotel which is a create with a door...tad chilly but we got up the next morning at 5:30 to watch the sunrise...more steps i was not happy at all. Again rich got put with me about ¾ of the way up I stopped and wailed go on without me...and his response I’m not going without you its dark stupid.!! So I had to go on. Okay so it’s the last 50steps and this time I was like go on without me and he went fine and went of ha serves me right. I finally made it and oh my dizzles it was amazing, honestly god has blessed us so richly with what he has given us the sights were incredible! Stunning so I whipped out my glamour magazine and took a picture with me and the mountains and glamour. If that doesn’t win me a prize I don’t know what will!! Now the next two days were amazing all downhill, we saw wild monkeys waterfalls and to top it all off we had snow a good foot worth of it, not just snow. But frozen waterfalls and icicles and it was stunning. We got to walk down the iciest bit ever hah but I think that was the funniest thing of my life I fell on my butt as usual but it was amazing. I have pictures and will attempt to upload some. But it was all worth it in the end.

So hear I am after an amazing three weeks and only 10 weeks to go!! I have seen rhinos, elephants, peacocks, crocs, chickens, dogs, bore, ginger cats, birds dears and lots more. I have climbed a Himalayan mountain and I am still alive. It’s crazy how time has passed but I’m enjoying it and seeing the things that we have seen is so amazing and god has blessed us richly.
I am praying for you all and especially the Stuart family here who are going home in about 3 weeks we have formed a family bond with them, and I want to wish them all the love and support to them for the future. And the work that you have done in the last 2 years is amazing. WE LOVE YOU!!
So yes and to all of you out there thank you for the Christmas cards parcels and letters, you really made it feel like home and that I’m not that far away really. Only a few plane rides away. I hope you are okay and I am really looking forward to seeing everyone when I’m back I miss you all dearly.
Lots of loves and hugs
Your still aching Caitlin xxxxxxxxxxxx