Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Arrival of ME in Nepal...oh yeahhh

Okayy heyy guys, thought this would be a good way of telling you what i am doing etc and its not sending millions of emails all abouit the same thing!!

So Nepal is AMAZING, honestly it is the most beautiful country that i have ever seen. Right where to begin, took off on Tuesday 19th and arrived in Delhi the flight was only like 7 hours soo wasnt too bad got to sleep and watch films etc you know the got to Delhi and the smog was soo thick was even in the airports and this was like at 6 in the morning!! but want too hot, didnt get to venture outside the airport which is probs for the best!! So we got through customs and check in etc and ha saw a mouse just sitting at the top of the tsirs you know just jamming, tiny bit strange. Ermmm sat in the airport for about an hour and had our first power cut which was a little bit weird cos no one really fluttered an eyelid...but was only for 5mins if that.. Then got on a plane too Kathmanduuuu, got all our luggage arrived safely and all in one piece which is god send!! We then went in a taxi, 7 of us incuding the driver with all our luggage (which is alot) all in a small car taht fits 5ish....oh yeah and i sat on the floor! So stayed over night in Kathmandu, then got the bus to Pokhara which took us about 8ish hours, the view we actually stunning, despite the serious drops either side of you!!

Soo arrived all safe and wel and our appartment is amazing its huge nothing like what i expected.. A quick low down on what we have been doing and what we have been getting up to, because as you can tell i am in a rush!! We have had a good few days despite waking up to someone staanding peering in through our window watching us while we sleep! oh and the cockroaches in the boots and the bioys from downstairs coming up, thinking we have been murdered!! We have been Kurtas (not how you spell but Caitlin styled spelt ;) )shopping and have bought amazing clothes they are stunng, went to lakeside today and it is gorgrous, the people here are so incrediably freindly its such a relaxed country..if you type into google: Pokhara mountains that is our view from our roof..its stunning, anyway off to the taliors now for lanky mclanklank to have her clothes made for her. Defo giant here, also sorry for the grammer and punctuation and all that boring stuff, not much time and keyboard is very small so thats my excuse ;)

okay so any prayer request or anything at all just drop me an email at
and what not should be on about every two weeks..but look out for faceofthebook, cos will be uploading photos. Will let you know how i gwt on with language lessons these two weeks comming

goodbye flokies
and i will talk to you laterr

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  1. 'lakeside'? That means you are in Essex and not Nepal. God bless