Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Village Stay

Okay so I have been neglecting you quite abit!! So I thought I will do a major email update to you before I go off to Nepal gunge! Okay well a few weeks ago, mairi and I went on a village stay with one of the girls from the orphanage which was really good. The bus journey took us from Pokhara to the bottom of the hills. The journey was gorgeous, honestly it was true Nepal. Coming out of the city was bliss as you looked out the window you saw the yellow mustard flowers in masses whilst they are in the fields. Was gorgeous, the houses, you couldn’t go past a house without grandpa outside smoking or laying in the sun sleeping. And without going a mile or so you would see a small child running about naked avoiding their mums! Really was amazing. The bus itself wasn’t exactly what you would call a comfortable thing. It was simple though!! When we got off at the choke we walked down some steps and then bought some meat for the family. We then had Chow Mein and carried on our journey. We crossed a river and it was gorgeous the colour of it was bright blue, and the rocks were stunning. Where the water had eroded it away the rocks were in the shape of bubbles. So we walked across the bridge and carried on going the walk to her village only took us about 45minutes and wasn’t up hill at all which was good. So we got there and it was so nice to get away from the city and hear nothing! No not even dogs or horns and the beep beep of it all! Her house was really simple one floor and she had a small garden where her mum keeps the simple veg etc. Just below her garden are rice fields the river which was nice. We spent the afternoon looking round her village which has about 20houses maximum and meeting her family. We played Uno and bananagrams. Was so relaxing! In the evening her mum came back from work where she sells the jewellery that she has made. At the moment her father’s sister and daughter and grandma are staying with them as it is to cold in the hills where their village is. Unfortunately the cousin is ill at the moment suffering from depression. She does go to school so they think it's something to do with the exams. So prayer for her and the family as they are having a really tough time at the moment. So yeah back to the day in the evening we sat outside with her cousins and sang songs which was really really nice. Also they are not a nepali family they are Tibetan. So they don’t talk nepali or English so language barrier was pretty hard. But we managed because Pema the girl who is from the orphanage can speak really good English. So we went to bed and me and mairi shared a single bed which was erm cosey haha. However pemas family are Buddhist and the room that we stayed in was basically a shrine to all their gods etc. She finds it really hard because when she finishes her time at the orphanage and she is too old she has to move out. Her family have said that they don’t want her back when he time is finished which is going to be pretty hard. There are not many jobs out here and for her and nowhere to go. So again prayer for her and what she will do because it must be hard. So yeah after that we went to sleep Sunday we went to another fair which was fun and we met the rest of the kids from your orphanage and spent time with them. We also got henna which was fun. Looks gorgeous.
So we had a pretty full packed weekend. So for the rest of the week we did school and preschool. Met the new expats, went for dal bhat which was actually quite nice. The lady downstairs has taken to us nicely and looks after us and feeds us. Well she has a friend who is older than her, but has taken a liking to me. We went downstairs for he son’s birthday and she pulled me to sit with her and she is always playing with my hair. She can’t speak a word of Nepali and she talks really fast but we have an understanding. So that’s fun, anyhoo we went to her house for Dhal Bhat and after we came home and they dressed us up in the ladies downstairs saris which is really fun!! Then they made us walk around the town in them and show all of our friends so that was really funny. All the Nepalis thought it was jokes!! They would stop us and fix it and then the next nepali woman would stop and fix it haha. No nepali woman puts a sari on the same!

Okay so we have also just got back from Nepal Gunj but havent had the time for that yet :) haaa

Hope you are all well and i will see you in on 23 days todayyyyyy :D

eekkk love love xxxxxxxxx

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  1. I'm waqiting for the follow up "Caitlin off a mission"